Hardware Networking & Infrastructure Solutions

The effective use of Information and Communications Technology can make a significant difference to the success of an organization. LNV specializes in the provision of consultancy services and innovations that can help achieve objectives and maximize the return from ICT infrastructure investments. Our consultants are currently engaged in supporting companies in the telecommunications and utilities sectors, and have a long-term proven track record in diverse consultancy and ICT disciplines.

LNV is a consultancy company that in partnership with its clients identifies and implements sustainable business improvements through information enabled by technology. LNV provides a balanceof high business value, short project times and low total cost. LNV’s culture is based on three core values: Team spirit, Passion and Results.

LNV creates measurable improvements through the development of processes, organisation’s and IT systems, ensuring that these support the client’s operations. It is the task of LNV to acquire an overall view of the client’s business and to ensure that each project yields a fast effect and improves the results.


LNV is a consultancy company that in partner-ship with its clients identifies and implements sustainable business improvements through information enabled by technology.

Developing processes, organization and IT generates measurable improvements. We understand and are deeply rooted in information technology, but our passion is improvements to customers’ operations.

Our approach is driven by a strong focus on results and responsibility for the customer obtaining the expected effect fast. LNV is the local and close partner in both simple and complex undertakings.

Our culture is based on three core values: team spirit, passion and results, which characterize everything we do.

IT Effectiveness

LNV’s offering IT Effectiveness gives substantially improved business value from IT investments. LNV helps customers to implement IT Effectiveness in their business based on four perspectives :

  • IT Strategy

    to do the right things based on business's priorities evaluate, formulate, implement and to found clear IT strategies and action plans.

  • IT Governance

    assures correct decisions are taken on right levels and in proper forums based on practical experience and established models. LNV helps businesses to introduce governing models for an effective and qualitative management and control of IT.

  • IT Performance

    “what is measured becomes done” LNV helps to assess the true costs for the IT investments and to achieve the business value out of the IT investments. LNV int roduces continuous measurement and follow-up of benefits and costs, alike measurement of other qualitative key figures and risks.

  • IT Operations

    to do things right. LNV helps to find an effective and practical approach like a surely operational organization, for example through formulating specific operational processes and making adjustments in the organization.